NCESD Fellows Videos – Unpacking the Standards

In 2013 one of the NCESD Fellows Tasks was to pick a priority for the region to focus on and help make an impact region and statewide. The priority focus for the NCESD Fellows was to help PLC teams have a protocol for diving deeper into the Common Core and easily work together to analyze the standards. Based on this idea, the 2013-2014 NCESD Fellows developed a process to unpack the standards in the Common Core that can be replicated using their protocol. Please feel free to download and share any part of this process.

Description: Unpacking the Common Core State Standards and developing meaning and understanding to your team and self are needed to have best practices for our students. In a PLC you have the opportunity to lead the needed discussions around the Common Core and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The videos below demonstrate that discussion using a 4-Guiding Questions Planning Sheet centered on instructing our students based on the learning of the group. The videos are only edited to remove time while the members are reflecting and writing down what they learned. This footage is not scripted and is led in the same fashion as they would lead their PLCs. Please use this video to help guide you as seen fit.

Unpacking the Standards Protocol for a PLC as seen in Videos:

Unpacking the Common Core State Standards in a PLC:

Unpacking the Standards for Mathematical Practice in a PLC: