2013-2014 Meetings

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With the transition to the Common Core and the shifts that come with that transition, math leadership is needed more than ever in education. From 2013-2014 the NCESD Math Fellows took a look at the district, regional. and state needs around mathematics and create ways to work collaboratively and problem solve the best way to work on the transition to the Common Core. This work demanded leadership from all areas of eduction. The NCESD Math Fellows had leadership from classroom teachers, math coaches, and even administration working together on ways to address the needs of the North Central Region. This work dove deeply into the three shifts of the Common Core, the Smarter Balanced Assessment System, looking at available Common Core Resources, addressing the need of more rigorous tasks, looking at formative assessment strategies, thinking through lessons, who is in their networks and how to address change, and even collecting student data and samples to analyze tasks and student growth. The year was very successful and the region grew because of the leadership provided by the NCESD Math Fellows.

The overall purpose and goals of the 2013-2014 Fellows were:

Fellows Purpose


I want to thank the 2013-2014 Fellows Cadre for their hard work. This year we lead the region through one of the key phases in the transition to a more rigorous and in-depth math world. The Fellows leadership is strong and I know all in education will continue to moving forward with leadership I have seen with the North Central Fellows. Thank you again for all you have done and will do.

~ Andrew Hickman, Regional Math Coordinator, North Central ESD